Working abroad

In Germany there is a shortage of skilled workers in many sectors and professions, particularly qualified technical workers such as engineers, IT specialists and health specialists.

Support throughout your job search

We are familiar with the German employment market; we know how to design a successful application (Bewerbung) and are aware of the difficulties that can arise when you move to a foreign country.

We therefore provide comprehensive support during each and every step of your new start: the initial job search, the application portfolio, personalized coaching for job interviews and assistance while finding a place to live. We can help you with administrative proceedings, the planning and organization of your move and with all other day-to-day problems. We have lived in Germany, Spain and England for several years and thus understand the local environments; this knowledge can help guard against erroneous expectations, avoid a “culture shock” and make your fresh start a lot easier.

Moving to Spain

We also offer support services if you are planning a move to Spain and require assistance in terms of organization, logistics or language. Contact us for an offer without obligation!

Sworn translations

We prepare sworn translations of all the documents that you need for your move: diplomas, certificates, character references, police records, etc. Click here to know more.