ESyDE offers translations in the following linguistic combinations:

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Quality assurance

In all our projects we strictly adhere to the native speaker principle, which means that translators translate exclusively into their mother tongue. The text is subsequently proofread by another translator (“four-eye principle”), which ensures an impeccable result. Therefore, all our quotations include a second revision without extra cost. We never accept a project if we cannot fully guarantee its quality.

Literal translations from a foreign language can sound clumsy and awkward. In order to avoid this, we do our best to make all translated texts sound as idiomatic as possible and to adapt them to their target audience. Sometimes this may be achieved by a non-literal translation that reflects the spirit and meaning of the original text. We can also adapt the contents of translated texts if required (copywriting).

If the format of the source document allows for it, we work with databases (translation memories). This ensures coherence, particularly in longer translations, and guarantees compliance with specific terminology as requested by our clients.

Confidentiality, privacy and discretion are supreme principles in all areas of our work, and you can be assured that we will treat all data and documents with the greatest care. If desired, we are happy to provide or sign a non-disclosure agreement.

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