Areas of Expertise

Our main areas of specialisation are based on our academic training and our broad, 10 years’ professional experience. At ESyDE we know what we are talking about – we have extensive working experience in the sectors for which we now translate.

  • Law: Diplomas, certificates, contracts, court rulings, expert opinions as well as any other document from  the public administration or legal fields
  • Economics and finance: Annual accounts, economic reports, insurance policies, employment contracts
  • PR & Marketing: Advertising, promotional material and catalogues
  • Tourism: Brochures, menus, travel guides, gastronomic articles
  • Media: Translation of websites, screenplays, videogame localization
  • Science (Medicine, History, Art, Cultural Science, Philology): Specialist articles, informative material, package leaflets
  • Literature, press:  Translation of books and articles
  • Technology and mechanics: Instruction manuals, product descriptions
  • Translation of commercial and private correspondence

If you need a translation in a different area of expertise, please do not hesitate to contact us as we will endeavour to find the right translator for your project.

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